Our Musicians

Totico is comprised of ten talented first class musicians who enjoy performing almost as much as you will enjoy the show.  

Steve – Alto Sax

Steve hails from Liverpool but has lived in the North East for over 30 years.  When he is not playing Alto Sax in Totico Steve works as a Consultant Engineer in the Oil and Gas industry.

Steve joined the band in 2012 having previously played in the Aberdeen University Concert Band, the Dhu Allt Sax Quartet and local jazz band Zest.

Greg2-1-of-1Greg – Guitar & Vocals

A little bit about me...Well I love most genres of music from Funk to Classical and from Dance to Rock...Rock being my favourite! I have been playing guitar for a few years now after spending most of my youth banging on bongo’s and trying to play the drums.

That came to an end though when I moved into a flat which meant either annoy the new neighbours or pick the guitar back up, a few years later here we are!! Now it’s all about making sure we put on a good show!!

Gren2-1-of-1 Gwen - Lead Vocals

Gwen found out by accident that she could sing when at a party one evening everyone had to to take a turn singing or telling a joke.  As she could never remember joke punchlines she picked up the song book and started singing much to her and everyone's surprise.  She is a member of the burns choir and has performed in musical theatre shows.

"She might be little, but trust us her voice is far bigger than she is!"

Bill Bill - Tenor Sax

As a youth I studied at the Conservatoire de Muzak de Tayside in Dundee and decided to leave after a short time because I found the life of a musician at the time to be really dull and boring. I then pursued a career as an accountant – really exciting.

However I decided to go back to music and swapped my ex-wife for a sax – what a bargain!!!!! I’ve never looked back.

Having previously played with a few local bands I joined Totico in 2012 and am having a ball.  As well as Totico, I currently play with Recoded (a rock band) and Umami (a five piece jazz band).

However, by day I am still working in the heady world of finance and still get a buzz from those balance sheets – who said accountants are boring?!

Paul-1-1-of-1-2Paul - Guitar & Vocals

Paul grew up in Cardiff and has played guitar since the age of 16 after being shown some chords on a quiet nightshift.. He toy’d between drums and guitar playing in a whole host of different bands, mostly Rock and Roll 50's type stuff and has been gigging since around 1980. Paul joined Totico back in 2003 and is Toticos longest serving member.


Doug-1-of-1Doug - Drums

Doug has been playing drums since his teens, and loves everything to do with percussion and rhythm. He enjoys playing several different musical styles including jazz, rock, funk and blues .... anything! He currently also plays in 2 local jazz bands in the Aberdeen area.

Doug really likes the big sound of Totico and the range of songs covered by the band’s repertoire. Basically it’s a lot of fun!

Josie - Keyboardjosie

My rhythmic syncopations of life consist of juggling a triad of children, teaching, festivals, concerts and  exams along with some interrupted cadences of divorces.

Music will always provide harmony to dissonant chords and will be one love affair that won't end.

The crescendo of my life's symphony began with the introduction of Gwen attending  vocal coaching and would lead to the marriage of Totico in 2013 after "borrowing" Paul and Greg for a CLAN charity event. Let the coda begin and be filled with fun, harmonies and varying tempos of musical repertoire.

james2James - Bass

James has been playing bass guitar for about 16 years and enjoys all musical genres. He has been a member of Totico since 2006


Scott - TrumpetScott

Started playing trumpet in primary school and moved on to the cornet after a few years. Got involved with brass banding and have been an active member of Granite City Brass since 2007 currently playing on solo cornet. Recently pulled the trumpet out of its box to play with Totico.